Become A Coach

Want to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life?
Ridgway Coaching in partnership with Homework Coach employs individuals to work as homework coaches. Ridgway Coaching trains and provides monthly support for homework coaches.

What is a Homework Coach?
A homework coach is an individual who supervises a student in completing the daily homework assignments with the intent of helping the student become independent in the process. A homework coach is not a tutor although the individual may give some assistance upon request. 
The homework coach assists the student in developing good habits in the following areas:

  • Organization of time, materials, notes, and etc.
  • Completion of daily and long-term assignments
  • Strategies for learning in content areas and studying for quizzes and tests

Who can be a Homework Coach?
Any individual who meets the following requirements can be a homework coach:

  • College graduate or pursuing a college degree
  • Two letters of recommendation ( in the case of college students two professors)
  • Clear background check
  • Satisfactory interview
  • Completed four (4) hours of introductory training
  • Commitment to continued training/consultation with program director
  • Acceptance of the Association of Tutoring Professionals Code of ethics
  • Demonstration of sincere interest in working with students
  • Transportation to travel to students

If you are interested in applying to become a homework coach, please go to and complete their employment form.